Click Here to Register for Workshops with Jojo Zolina

Click Here to Register for Workshops with Jojo Zolina

Jojo began choreographing Heels dance in 2005 for Burlesque Beauties under the direction of Carla Catherwood ~ Army Of Sass.
Over the next few years, he began to travel and teach following invitations to instruct workshops around the world.
This wide-spread global exposure helped popularize the style of Waacking, Vogue and Heels in 2008.
Vogue (age 13+) - The dance form known as voguing started in the late 1980s, but its roots can be traced back to Harlem’s drag ballroom competitions as early as the 1920s. Over the years, the dance form has drawn inspiration from fashion poses in Vogue magazine, pantomimes, and even gymnastics. But performance aside, voguing creates a space of empowerment for the community that created it.

Waack/Punk (age 13+) is a form of dance created in the LGBT clubs of Los Angeles,during the 1970s disco era.This dance style was named punking because "punk" was a derogatory term for gay men in the 1970s. Naming the style punking was a way of turning this negative term into something positive. A "whack" was a specific movement within the punking style. Although the heterosexual dance community enjoyed punking, they did not want to associate themselves with the negative, violent, and sexual connotations of punking and therefore called the dance genre "waackin". Later, Jeffery Daniel added the "g" to waackin to make it “waacking”.

Heels (age 16+) is an awesome mixture of urban hip-hop and commercial-style street jazz. The choreography is sexy and Beyoncé-like. Sneakers or heels for footwear. Open to all genders.

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